Appoinments/Meetings scheduling made easy.

How Raneto helped canumeet knowledge base creation.

If you own a product, you better have a knowledge base for it.

Lets start with a very common example where you own a product. Users are now facing difficulties accessing some or the other functionalities of your product and they keep on mailing in search of so......

by Canumeet Team

Embed CanUMeet Meeting Scheduling widget in your Google Sites.

Add appointment scheduling capability to your google site

Do you know you can add canUmeet Appointment scheduling widget in your Google Site and let your visitor to schedule appointment with you without leaving your website. Adding CanUMeet scheduling wid......

by Canumeet Team

Introducing CanUMeet Embed Widget.

Enables customers to schedule appointments/meeting with you without leaving your website.

Today we are launching a feature called CanUMeet Embed, which is a simple embed code that can be very flexibly added to your website. CanUMeet enables customers to schedule appointments/meeting fo......

by Canumeet Team

How to embed CanUMeet Appointment Scheduling Widget in your website ?.

Enables customers to schedule appointments/meeting with you without leaving your website.

If you want to be productive, you must embrace the power of scheduling your task.CanUMeet schedule meeting widget is designed to book and share your appointments on fingertips. Before starting You......

by Canumeet Team

Don’t lose your prospective customers — Use canUmeet’s Solutions.

Happy customers matter for your business.

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” ― Benjamin Franklin Are you worried that all t......

by Canumeet Team

Learn How small changes in your email signature can boost your sales &revenue.

Grow your sales/revenue not your inbox.

“The smartest people can write the worst emails and those of less intellect can write the best.” ― Paul Babicki Email !! What is it? Do we really need a description about it?Well frankly speakin......

by Canumeet Team

New way to manage and schedule appointments with Professor/Faculty.

Appointments/Meetings app for Universities/Colleges.

Lost time is never found again. -Benjamin Franklin Online scheduling?? What is it ?? Say an establishment that offer appointment scheduling online on a single go. “WOW” 😮. Getting more into dog......

by Canumeet Team

Introducing canUmeet Widget Integration with UnifiedVU Platform.

Save more hours with canumeet + UnifiedVU Integration.

Let’s begin with answering a simple question. If you are running your online business (equally applies to offline businesses) then may be you are using software such as Mailchimp, Xero, Zendesk, Pi......

by Canumeet Team

101 Javascript Interview Questions.

Going for Front-end Interview ?, Here are some questions, You may ❤️.

Question 1What is the difference between undefined and not defined in JavaScript?In JavaScript, if you try to use a variable that doesn’t exist and has not been declared, then JavaScript will throw......

by Canumeet Team

Online Appointment Scheduling software for ENTERPRISES

Have more happy customers for your business

An online meeting scheduler makes appointment booking online a lot easier. It lowers the threshold for customers to go from click to brick and provides a professional tool for enterprises to schedu......

by Canumeet Team

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