Synchronization in teams upgraded to next level using canUmeet Team Event feature

by Arzoo Dalal | 8 Min Read

Team work divides the task and multiplies the success.

While you are already enjoying canUmeet services, knock knock, we have another functionality added for you, TEAM EVENT. canUmeet and its services were earlier designed for individuals and group of users looking forward to solve their scheduling problems. But when we thought it from an organizational point, these were just not enough. So, we started working on it keeping in mind all the trivial issues that an organization can face with respect to scheduling and here we are with Team Event functionality.


With introduction of Team Event functionality, canUmeet professional users can now create an organization and add their team members to this organization. Each team member can have different available slots and most importantly, clients booking time with you can now have flexibility to choose which team member do they want to book time with. Your clients can also have the transparency to view availability of other team members and book times best suited for them irrespective of what calendars connected to their account and what email account is associated with each account.

Setting up an organization

Creating an organization is the first step towards creating a team event. This basically consists of your Establishment such as Organization name, Logo, Team Members, Adding/Deleting team members and Granting access to team members. To start with, click on Create New event on the dashboard and select Team Event from the types of event provided. If you haven’t created an organization before, you will see option to create new organization.

Create Organisation

If you already have an organization created and want to create another one/edit already created organization, click on the profile picture associated with your account and select organizations from the drop down list.

To start with, enter your organization details such as Organization Name, Organization URL at canUmeet and few words describing your establishment. Once you are completed with filling your organization details, the very next step is to upload your organization logo with the image size limited to 200 KB. Now add members and grant permissions to these members in the organization and we are ready to go.


Setting Up a Team

So, until now we have filled up our organization basic details and we are now ready for adding team members to your organization. You will no be able to view a page on which the admin has the option to add members. Once added, each added member will receive a confirmation link to join their team regardless of the email domain and calendar being used by the team members.


Granting Access to Team Members

Only, the admin or event creator has the flexibility to grant or revoke access levels for each team member. In addition, admin also has the flexibility to choose another admin from the added team members. Lets take a look on how to provide access to your team members for created event.

Event creator can provide access to members either during creating an organization or if they plan to do it later, they can do so by clicking on the profile picture on dashboard and selecting Organization from list. At canUmeet, each member can have four basic access levels

  • Admin
  • Read
  • Write
  • Delete

Creating a Team Event

Now you are fully setup with your organization and ready to create an event which will be shared for booking time. On the dashboard, click on create new event and select Team Event from the event types. Here, the first step will be to select organizations that you have created and added team members onto. It may be the case that you have multiple organization with each organization having different team members. Moving forward, fill rest of the event details such as Event Name, Duration, Location, Description, Availability, Reminders and Notifications, Forms, Email Template Customization etc. To get a brief description on creating Team Event, click here

Once team event is created, this will be reflected on your dashboard and would look something like this.


Setting Availability

This is the most crucial part where admin has to set availability for each team members because these times are later reflected on the public page to your clients during booking. We have made sure that setting availability for team members is made handy to admins and can be done from a single webpage. Under availability section, all your team members added are listed and clicking on each team member will show their respective availability. There are options to edit these availability for particular team member, say, if you need a member to have recurring event bookings or set his availability for only 15 minutes, admin has the flexibility to do so.

Setting Availability

Booking Page

Until now, your team event has been created and the event link is shared to your clients for booking time. Lets take a look into how the booking page would look like for your clients. The first page that is visible to your clients will have options to choose the team members with whom they would like to book this event. Clicking on each team member will show their availability as per administrator setting. To maintain transparency, clients will have access to each of the members availability and depending on their suitability, they can continue booking time with them.

Booking Page

Once the event is booked, the team member and the client, both will be receiving booking confirmation email from canUmeet and these event will also be reflected onto their respective dashboard.

WAIT, what about admin? How does the admin know which resource from his team is getting booked for this event?

Once event is booked, admin too receives a booking confirmation email along with team member and client that contains overall details of the booked event. Admin will aldo have full authority to either cancel or reschedule this meeting stating specific reasons.

As said by management consultant Glenn Parker, author of Team players and Team work, each team needs to have members onboard who fill four basic C’s roles Contributor, Challenger, Communicator, Collaborator. If you have worked hard to create this team, Team canUmeet will give its best to keep perfect level of synchronization in your team members.

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