5 email marketing hacks that will help increase conversion

by Arzoo Dalal | 7 Min Read

Email has an ability many channels don’t; creating valuable, personal touches at scale. -David Newman

You must have once come across the word Growth Hacking in your life. If you are in the world of marketing, this technique is obviously the most important part for which strategies need to build very tactically. This term was coined by Sean Ellis back in 2010 in which the core idea is to catalyse the growth of business across your marketing segmentation, development, sales or any other parts of business.

Recently, we have experienced resurgence of email growth hacking strategy. This fightback has shown phenomenal outputs in marketing world. On obvious note, it makes more sense to send attractive, professional emails to a smaller group that might actually be interested in receiving such emails rather than a whole lot because if you plan on marketing everyone then you are marketing no one. This technique, ultimately improves customer engagement with your product to a greater extent.

But why are emails so important? Last year, our team had planned a major release and we were quiet excited to inform about this release to our customers onboard. Well we were expecting positive responses from our customers on the new feature that they will be using, but to our astonishment, we did receive number of emails which was for their account deletion. We later realized that there was a single word ambiguity in our email which ultimately caused mess. Later on, I started personally spending ton of times reading blogs and articles on email marketing strategies and condensed some of the most important techniques that can help generate lead using Emails.

Email Content Personalisation

Personalisation is the key to email growth hack marketing strategy in which you use your own customers information to personalise content of your emails and then send it across. I have seen ecommerce companies that does personalisation real well as email marketing is the key channel for their sales and customer experiences. For an example, one of the most used email personalisation strategy is addressing the email recipients by its first name. This would give an impression to your user about the familiarity and obviously increases the performance of your email campaigns. But this strategy fails for your first time users. If you force your familiarity in the first email itself, your personalisation will look quiet unpleasant.




You would obviously expect for a response to the email that you are sending to your clients. But in most cases, users tend to send emails to their subscribers that are not looking out for your solution and hence the click rate of your email campaigns goes drastically down. This is where Segmentation comes in, the main idea here is to segregate email subscribers accoring to certain set of factors such as Location, Industry, Age, earlier purchase, Gender, sales segment, industry scale etc. Best segmentation strategies can lead to a drastic increase in the open rates for your emails, lead generation, conversion. Don’t rush and send emails anymore, rather concentrate only on particular set of customer segment who are currently looking out for your solution by using this tried and foolproof tested technique.


Reworking Subject Lines

Subject Lines are the first thing that any recipients sees whenever an email is received. This one liner helps user decide whether to open this email or just avoid them. Ultimately, this should be catchy enough to hold user attention and see what the email contents are. It is also to be noted that one cannot get a perfect email subject line in single iteration, it needs to be reworked each time. Most email marketers tend to spend tons of time in writing a subject line that will be enough to lure you in opening them. They perform a series of A/B testing on each subject lines and use them for email campaigning. It is also to be noted that email strategies change depending on the type of client you are targeting. So adjust your subject line accordingly, if required.


Email Timing

Timing plays a very important role in the world of email marketing. Would you want to send emails to your targeted client when they are heavily occupied or probably when they are in rush? No, isn’t it? You need to strategise the timing part very carefully. I have read number of blogs on when would be the best time to send email to your clients and found Wordstreams research to be very precise and helpful. It is seen that percentages of open rates for email that are sent in mid day are higher as compared to the emails sent in evening. As per wordstream, best times for sending your email campaign is Thursdays 8-9 AM and Mondays, Fridays are the worst. As per Hubspot, middle of Tuesday is the best time to send email, followed with a tie for Monday and Wednesday. Mailchimp too quotes 2 PM of any day to be the most optimal time for sending email newsletters. These timing works well for them but it may be the case that it doesn’t work for your emails. Keep performing series of testing by sending email to your clients and track each of the emails to know what time works best for your product.


Email Signatures

Most of your clients would obviously want to know that the email they are receiving is from a trusted source or not. They are bound to check who has sent this particular email to them. Email signatures can also be termed as digital business card. An excellent email signature depicts your organisation professionalism, branding, higher level of legitimacy and also recognition. Whereas a badly designed email signature is nothing less that tearing a portion of your notebook and writing over your details on them. It is to be understood that each part of your email plays really important role as it can be your path to increased conversion rates.


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