Inbound+Outbound Marketing Strategy for your SaaS product

by Arzoo Dalal | 6 Min Read

After the emergence of Inbound Marketing, there has been a huge debate on which marketing strategy between the Inbound and Marketing is more productive for your product. Lets talk on removing the misconception that Outbound marketing is dead. If it was, why would companies have a dedicated sales team whose core functionality is to reach out to people using direct emails and calls who have just signed up? Its just that marketing today is a bit different from what it was few years back. It’s agreeable that marketing tactics have changed drastically over the past few years but it is a fact that better marketing strategy is achieved only when Inbound and Outbound marketing techniques are combined together.

Which Marketing Strategy

Recently I signed up on that provides free and powerful platform to manage your team recurring checklists and procedures. Later, I received a direct call from them regarding a quick go through about their startup and what problem are they trying to solve. Same was with ActiveCampaign team, where they explained more on how their CRM is going to make a difference for your SaaS product. Users more or less feel good to talk about the platform on which they just signed up. It becomes more productive when users have a detailed explanation on how this platform is removing the block points affecting their circadian routine.

On the other hand, Inbound marketing is the most effective marketing technique that provides their users with improved customer engagements by offering the value via Social media platforms, blogs, newsletters etc. This is designed in a way to make potential users sign up your product that are active in market. As wikipedia says, Inbound process is composed by four main steps: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. These are not random steps but have to be used in sequence in order to obtain more visitors on sites, to speed up conversions and finally increase the number of leads and prospects.

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Below listed are some of the strategies to combine these marketing strategy and increase your userbase with qualified sales prospects.


Recently, we have experienced resurgence of direct email marketing strategy. This fightback has shown phenomenal outputs in marketing world. On obvious note, it makes more sense to send attractive, professional emails to a smaller group that might actually be interested in receiving such emails rather than a whole lot because if you plan on marketing everyone then you are marketing no one. This technique, ultimately improves customer engagement with your product to a greater extent. As name suggests, your email should have a direct and clear action which compels the smaller group move to your landing page. Once they are aware of your product, switch to inbound marketing strategies for further engagements.


This mode of marketing is no doubt expensive. Here SaaS owners posts advertisements about their SaaS product by means of Ads, Magazines, Newspapers, banners etc which may cost a fortune. Its obvious that early SaaS companies who are in dire need of money, wont have the luxury to advertise their product just for sole purpose of branding. The trick here is to assess areas where your product would make a difference and post your advertisements good enough for viewers make a landing on your homepage. Also, provide them a Request for Demo option in order to increase customer engagement.


Inbound marketing when combined with Telemarketing (Outbound Marketing technique) show great results. As stated above, company have a dedicated in house sales team dialing to people who have heard about your product. Thing to note here is why would a visitor on your webpage sign up if your product is not solving his/her problem scenario. What I believe is that, the only reason that made user signup was your product is qualified enough to provide them a platform that solves the above scenario. Telemarketing would make them react more positively towards your product. In other words cold calling became a lot more easier with Inbound Marketing strategy backing up.

Commercial Merchandising

Marketing by means of television, radio, push notifications, youtube ads etc. can make a great deal of difference for your SaaS product. Trick here is to analyze shows that are being watched or listened to the most where you can post your commercial ads. You may also benefit by analyzing the targeted regions and uploading your commercials where people are actually looking for a solution your product offers. Make sure that your commercial should be informative enough that makes your targeted audience land on your products homepage.

Inbound brings potentials customers to you, while outbound brings you to potentials customers. Both these marketing strategy are tested and produce effective results. Ideally, combining both would create a marketing strategy strong enough to achieve your expected sales.

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