Little Scheduling Features at canUmeet you wouldn't want to miss.

by Arzoo Dalal | 14 Min Read

All SaaS or Software As A Service products allow users to connect and use cloud based apps on the internet for free. The main motive here is that, these products should provide you with a complete set of solution to the problems that one is currently facing on pay and use basis (mostly Free).

At canUmeet, we too move with the same motive!!

Team canUmeet is trying hard to provide users a scheduling platform that has the capability to solve almost each problems that one can face with respect to scheduling Appointments and Meetings, no matter what their current occupation is. Be it a freelancer or a team or Startups/MNCs, canUmeet scheduling platform is well designed and equipped with functionalities that we believe can remove the pain of scheduling in a single signup.


Let me tour you on all the little scheduling features that canUmeet scheduling app provides.

Name & Description

For any event you create, the name and description are the basic pillars. Give your event a Name to schedule as this will be the first thing that your client notices about your event. Alongside, a little description on what this scheduled event is about will be really helpful for users to prepare about the meeting beforehand.

Duration & Location

Event Duration and Location we believe are critical parameters that needs to be provided as precisely as you can during event creation. An explicit heads-up on how long and where is this scheduled event going to take place will help them plan and schedule their future events accordingly.



Scheduling is all about setting your availability first and then letting your clients book time with you on these available times. We have designed our Availability functionality very handy keeping in mind that you are able to edit your available times in just few clicks. So, without you having to navigate to different pages, you will be able to disable or edit your booking from a single view for a complete week which may or may not occur recurringly.


Speaking of recurrence, it may be possible that you would want your events to continue through out the day within specified times or you would want this to be just a single time event.

  • Recurring at fixed intervals: If you opt for recurring at fixed intervals, depending on the event duration and your total availability, users will be able to book time with you. Along side you will have flexibility to set the frequency of events i.e. after what duration you are available for the next booking.
  • Single Time Event: If you opt for single time event, you may specify your meetings start times as per your need. Depending on the event duration, canUmeet will automatically choose the next start time for you, provided you need to add more intervals. If you wont add any other intervals, there will be just one slot available to your clients for booking.

Let’s say if you want that whatever your availability settings are for Monday should be applied the same for Thursday and Saturday taking into account that your availability may vary each day. For this, towards the end of the availability settings you will be provided with “Also Apply Same To“ option. Select the days you want to apply the current availability setting to and click on Done.


Auto Confirm

Wouldn’t that be great if we provide users flexibility to confirm each events that are being booked with them? It may be possible that because of sudden events you are not available for particular slot but you still got booked for that time. Blunder isn’t it?? Keeping into mind this scenario, at canUmeet you will have flexibility to create events that would require your approval before you are getting booked. You may manually either Confirm or Reject this schedule with sufficient reasons from your canUmeet dashboard, depending on which separate emails will be triggered to you and your client that would contain the status of the booking.

Auto Confirm

Allow Users to Cancel & Reschedule

In general, whenever an event is booked, both the event creator and the client receives a confirmation. You being the event creator will have the full flexibility to either cancel the appointment or reshcedule it. The same has also been provided to users booking time with you. If you don’t want your clients to cancel or reschedule their appointment with them, you can disable this option. On disabling, your client won’t be receiving event cancellation and rescheduling link either in the email or on the dashboard.


Break Time

Having back to back meetings or appointments can be really troublesome and hectic. In worst cases would also lead to cancellation of some slots which could incur losses. To avoid this, canUmeet has provided you with a functionality known as “Break Time” where you can specify specific amount of time before or after booking. Depending on the duration and break times, canUmeet automatically adjusts these times for you in availability section of your public page. So avoid back to back meetings now and make your scheduling more effecient.

Off Days

Having plans but still worried of getting booked? Not a problem, canUmeet got this!! Using our Off Days functionality, you may set date or range of dates when you will be unavailable for booking. Depending on the Off Days configured, canUmeet shows your availability on availability section. All the selected days will be greyed out and hereafter show as unavailable to clients. Please note that you will always have the flexibility to change these dates by simplify editing your events.


Notification Email

Personally I have two mail ids configured for all my work notifications and the same may be with most of users. In general, all the event related emails at canUmeet such as Booking Confirmation, Rescheduling, Reminder and Cancellation notifications are sent to registered email IDs. If you wish to receive all these event notifications to any other email id of your choice, you can do so by just adding email and verifying it in Notification Email block.

Notification Email

Redirect URL

Redirect URL functionality is for users who wish their clients to redirect to their personal page once clients have booked time with them. Personal page here may be either their work website or a blog or their social sites. While creating event, just input the hyperlink where you want your clients to navigate to post booking and let canUmeet scheduling app do the rest.

Redirect URL

Custom message after booking confirmation

This is one of the most used feature at canUmeet where you can provide a custom message to your client post event booking. This custom message may either be about event or guidelines or anything that can help your client understand your meetings agenda in more better way. We have also provided functionality to attach documents about your events that can be viewed after booking. Say if you are a lecture and you would like your students to reach certain set of materials before the class commences. For all your students booking time with you post booking can download these materials and get a proper understanding of what this session is going to be about.

Custom Message after Booking

Advance Booking Limit

At canUmeet, we provide users with the options to set advance booking limit to any particular event in days. As per this functionality, your clients can book time with you for that particular event only after the number of days you have set in this block. Alternatively, no booking can be initiated before the input number. For example, if you have set Advance Booking limit as 2 days from Monday, your clients will be able to book time for that particular event with you only on Saturday and Sunday.

Advance Booking Limit

Form/Questions presented during booking

Some users may require their client to provide more information before they book time with you. At canUmeet you can create forms and mark fields as mandatory as per your requirements only after which event booking can be initiated. Below are the fields that we currently provide to create your own custom form

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Short Text form
  • Long Text form
  • Phone Number
  • Any Number field
  • Dropdown
  • Statement field
  • Multiple choice field
  • Data Field
  • Website field
  • Legal field

Depending on the priority of each fields in this form, you are free to drag and customise the positions of each field. We strongly recommend you to explore this feature more on your own to get a crystal clear notion.


Reminder & Notification

canUmeet takes care of the whole appointment scheduling process from its initial phase until the appointments scheduled are completed successfully. Reminder and Notification block during event creation helps you set the amount of time before which you would like canUmeet to send a reminder email for your events. You are free to set multiple reminders before the appointment and never miss out your schedules.

Reminder & Notificatoin

Email Template customization

Buisness emails are really important and should be drafted in a way that each of your points are stated clearly and in no way are ambiguous. It is always difficult for a beginner to frame perfect buisness mails. So, instead of searching the web and delaying the process further, canUmeet already has some in house templates ready for

  • Confirmation
  • Cancellation
  • Reminders
  • Reschedule

Please note that these email templates are fully editable as per your need. If you are planning to edit already exisitng templates, do remember to save for your changes to take into effect.

Email Templates

We are writing this blog to create awareness and get a better insight on the features we are currently providing at canUmeet that can make scheduling process much more easier. Please let us know your suggestions at if you feel that your suggested feature can bring a change. We would love to develop it for you.

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