Scheduling hyperefficient medical appointments using canUmeet platform

by Arzoo Dalal | 6 Min Read

Its a beautiful day to save lives- Derek Shepherd

We are already aware of the number of patients visiting each day to hospitals for their routine checkups, prescriptions etc. But compared to the amount of patients incoming, number of doctors are negligible. As a result, single doctor ends up with a hectic schedule meeting hundreds of patients each day. Same case with the patients where because of unorganized schedules, they will have to wait for their turn which could increase their anxiety levels and delay their treatment. The only resolution to this problem is that if we could make doctors, hospital staffs and patient use a platform that could help manage their appointments and not aberrate from daily schedule.

It is said that scheduling is tough in medical world, but what if there is a solution that can help make the already tough medical life less tough? Yes, canUmeet scheduling platform has got this covered for you :)

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Problems faced on daily basis

  • Patients: It is obvious that none of the patients wants delay in their treatment but because of large number of patients already in queue, they have to wait for hours, as a result they end up being dissatisfied both by the doctors and staff members at hospital. They never seem to get a perfect time where they could directly visit doctors and get flash treatments.

  • Doctors: As mentioned earlier, due to lesser doctors in comparison to the number of patients, they have to follow the self created hodgepodge schedule that ends up with them feeling deteriorated. They now don’t have the control on number of patients visiting them and with all mixed up schedules, patients end up complaining hospital authorities about the delay.

  • Hospital Staff: Half the time of hospital staff goes by explaining the patients about reason for delay and what measures are they taking to catalyze the process. Each time they end up speaking in a evasive way which damages reputation of hospital and their staff.

How canUmeet can help solve medical appointment issues?

  • One to One Event: One to One event creation is best used for clinical doctors and for patients who are planning to visit doctors for their regular checkup. The trick here is simple where doctors using canUmeet-Scheduling Platform can create an One-to-One event and share it onto their personal website, blogs, hospital website using which patients can book an available slot and directly meet the doctors at any specified time. Once booked, these times will automatically be booked onto their personal connected calendars using which canUmeet will send timely reminders to both the patients and the doctors. Looking deep into the pros here:

    • No Hodgepodge
    • No waiting in queue
    • Direct interaction
    • Organised schedules
    • Beforehand preparation

One to One event

  • Group Event: Medical world is not only about treating patients but also about spreading awareness on how to avoid unhealthy routines and protect yourself from contagious diseases. And to achieve this, numerous webinars, seminars, health talks, camps etc. are organized every month where hundreds of audience are expected to attend these events. No matter how much the organiser takes care of the minute details but it is bound to have time related issues if not organised in a perfect manner. To overcome the blunder, canUmeet’s Group Event functionality can be used here where the organiser giving the talk can create events and share it with their respective audience. We have provided organisers with the flexibility to limit the number of attendees for any particular event and avoid getting overbooked. Same slot in connected calendars can be booked by the specified number of attendees after the limit of which slots shows unavailable. These data can then be directly downloaded from canUmeet website either in form of XLS or CSV for future references.

Group event

  • Team Event: With introduction of Team Event functionality, canUmeet professional users can now create an organization and add their team members to this organization. Each team member can have different available slots and most importantly, clients booking time with you can now have flexibility to choose which team member do they want to book time with. Your clients can also have the transparency to view availability of other team members and book times best suited for them irrespective of what calendars connected to their account and what email account is associated with each account. Wondering how does this work?? Lets say we have a group of Neurosurgeons and their respective head is the organizer. The lead now adds all other neurosurgeons working under him to the event which is later share for booking. Now when a patient planning to visit neurosurgeon can click on this link and check which doctor is available in the first slot and books a time with him. Once booked, these bookings are available on organizers dashboard and also on the specific doctors dashboard that helps maintain transparency between organiser and rest of the team members.

Team event

Great isn’t it!!
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