Scheduling made easier at canUmeet with Outlook calendar integration

by Chandra Bhushan | 7 Min Read

I have always loved calendars and its astounding functionalities that it provides to users. This tiny application has the ability to manage, schedule and notify abour your events in just few clicks, doesn’t matter if its your personal or work related event. Calendars were developed so stable that there are hardly any changes being done apart from designing. If we look closely, Google calendar was released back in 2006 and the developers have barely changed anything in it. Outlook I believe was released before ‘97 but hardly have the developers changed its architecture. In this fast moving world, where users are dependent on the technology and always crave for something new, this legacy app still tops the most used application list.

Earlier, I worked as an engineer at a multi national company and had meetings on a regular basis, no doubt I was totally dependent on Outlook calendars. But, this always raised conflicts with me ending up with two meetings at the same time. Believe me, this can put a bad impression on your clients, which you totally wouldn’t want. Digging deep we came up with the idea to develop canUmeet scheduling platform and connect Outlook calendar with it. This platform can not only add meetings to your Outlook calendar but can also check meeting conflicts, cancel and reschedule your events as per your suitability, ALL IN A SINGLE PLATFORM. Moving forward, we also made sure that irrespective of the emailing domain that your clients use, they too can book time with you and carry out successful appointments.

Here we are with our all new Outlook integration. Lets take a look on how can you connect your Outlook calendar with canUmeet scheduling platform and get the most out of this integration.

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Where to connect?

Once you are completed with the signup and login process at canUmeet, you are redirected to the DASHBOARD page. On the middle left side of the Dashboard screen, you are provided with an Integration tab. Clicking on this tab, you can view the Outlook calendar integration page.

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How to connect?

Inside the Outlook box on integration page, you would find blue color Connect button, clicking on which would redirect you to the Outlook login page where you are required to enter your Outlook account login details. On successful login, next and the final step will be to allow access to canUmeet by clicking on Allow button. Your canUmeet account is now successfully connected to your Outlook Calendar.

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Calendar Settings

  • Calendar Rendering: After connecting Outlook calendar, on canUmeet end you will be able to see that all your calendars currently configured on Outlook account will automatically be rendered. You will have full access to select which calendars do you want your clients to add events and book time with you. Please note that all calendars added to your Outlook account post connection with canUmeet will also be rendered for appointment scheduling purpose.

  • Check Calendar for conflict: It will be a blunder if you get more than one meeting scheduled at same time on same date. To overcome this, canUmeet has introduced confict checking mechanism. Conflict checking is one of the most exciting features at CanUMeet. Once you are connected to your Outlook Calendar, others can see only the time in which you are available and free for the event. In short if you enable this option, you can prevent double bookings. canUmeet also takes into account all bookings already existing in your Outlook calendar and shows the availability. canUmeet strongly recommends you to check all the calendars for conflict checking and prevent double booking.

  • Add New Events to Calendar: There may be multiple calendars configured to your Outlook account such as one for personal use, another one for work and some created for specific purpose. Using this option you can select which calendar you want to add your events whenever your clients book time with you. Click on the arrow where a drop down menu appears which lists your calendar. You are free to enable or disable this option as per your choice.

  • Save button: All the changes that you carry out in settings page won’t take place until you hit the Save button present on the top. Do remember to save your settings before closing the settings window. Before clicking on Save button, canUmeet recommends you to please double check your settings.

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What if I have added new calendar to my Outlook account?

If you have any newly added any calendar to your Outlook account, you may not see this calendar to your canUmeet account at first. For rendering this new calendar, you will have to goto settings and then click on Refresh button at the top of settings page. Once refreshed, your new calendar will then be automatically rendered at canUmeet end. Don’t forget to click the Save button once necessary changes have been carried out.

Disconnecting Outlook calendar

canUmeet has provided you with the ease to connect and disconnect your calendar as per your suitability. To disconnect your Outlook calendar at canUmeet, you will have to traverse on the integration tab again as above and then click on the Disconnect button under Outlook box. Easy as pie.

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To get a video tutorial on how to connect your canUmeet account with your Outlook calendar, click on the link below.

Team canUmeet has tried to build this functionality exactly the way you would have wanted. With this integration, we believe that your scheduling process can be more streamlined. If there is anything that you believe we are still missing out, please feel free to drop us an email at

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