canUmeet integration with ActiveCampaign

by Chandra Bhushan | 3 Min Read

Team canUmeet is happy to announce its ActiveCampaign integration onboard. With this new release, users can now connect their canUmeet account with ActiveCampaign and directly import their contacts into AC contact groups and lists.

ActiveCampaign is one of the fastest growing tech startups and is a provider of various services related to marketing, newsletters and managing your e-mail lists. AC platform mostly provides Email Marketing, Marketing Automation , CRM & Sales Automation services at very reasonable prices.


canUmeet+ActiveCampaign Integration

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Connecting your canUmeet account with ActiveCampaign account is easy. Lets roll down through some points on how to do this.

  • On canUmeet integration page, please goto Other apps and choose Active Campaign.

  • When you click on Connect, you will be asked for ActiveCampaign Account URL and API Key.


  • Head back to your ActiveCampaign account and click on the profile picture on top right corner of screen where you can find MySettings option.

  • Under MySettings, traverse to Developer section and click on that.

  • A new window pops up that contains your AccountURL and API key. Copy and paste them into canUmeet. And, congrats you have successfully connected canUmeet with ActiveCampaign.


So what happens now ??

Once connected, when users book time with you using canUmeet, their contact details supplied are automatically added to your contact list on ActiveCampaign account. You are also given flexibility to add your new canUmeet contacts in lists of your choice that you have created in ActiveCampaign under few clicks.


So, why wait??

Connect your canUmeet with ActiveCampaign now. We are super excited for your feedback on this integration. If there are any queires or suggestions you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us

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