How canUmeet helped Real Estate agency maximize its sales?

by Chandra Bhushan | 2 Min Read

When it comes to a property sales in urban areas, there is no better alternative to personalized property tour, for a potential buyer.

A common challenge faced by Real Estate firms is that they cannot predict the number of customers requesting site visit at any given time. An under-resourced firm would mean longer waiting time for the customer and an over-resourced firm would lower the firm’s profits, as it would have to even pay the idle agents.

One of the Real Estate firms in London used canUmeet to set up 1:1 events with their clients.
This strategy helped the firm in

  • Resource optimization : Finding the optimum number of agents required to serve buyers.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction : With appointments scheduled, there is a dedicated agent for each client. There are no waiting times and individual attention can be provided for each client.
  • Time management : canUmeet allows users to book appointments only for the slots those are available. So, there is no risk of double bookings and appointments are distributed evenly across the day. offers several useful features that helps you manage your schedule using a clean and simple UI.
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