How to embed CanUMeet Appointment Scheduling Widget in your website ?.

by Chandra Bhushan | 3 Min Read

If you want to be productive, you must embrace the power of scheduling your task.
CanUMeet schedule meeting widget is designed to book and share your appointments on fingertips.

Before starting You can see CanUMeet Embed Widget in action below, or feel free to play with a live version by clicking the “Schedule a Demo” button on the bottom right of this page.

With the help of this scheduling app, customers can now schedule their product demo, Classes, Webinars and a lot more services without leaving the website.

So, once you have completed creating a appointment scheduling embed widget in canUmeet for single event or group of event, you just have to copy and paste the embedding code before the </body> tag on your own website to get this thing activated. See below Image for the same,


Currently we are providing embedding widgets of 3 types:

  1. Modal CanUMeet Meeting Scheduling Widget.
  2. Sidebar pop-over CanUMeet Meeting Scheduling Widget.
  3. Inline CanUMeet Meeting Scheduling Widget.

Lets roll down through some point which gives a precise notion of “How to create a Widget?” :

  • On the events page where your booked events can be seen, head over to action column and click on dotted lines image, A drop down menu appears showing embed as a option. Click on it.


  • Create a new widget by clicking on Create Widget button and Give your widget a name (Not Seen by customers) and select the type of widget you want to embed.



  • You can also customize the look and feel of widget.


  • Copy and Paste the code before the tag on your side and you are good to go.


Note: Before embedding this widget on your website, you can also have a live preview of how this widget would actually look like. That’s it ! Easy as pie, isn’t it ?


CanUMeet Meeting Schedule widget is available for free no extra charge. You can place widget on your home page, Feature page, Customer Support page, help page, or anywhere you would like to for a real quick and easy way for customer to schedule meeting with you.

If you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to contact us on

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