Learn How small changes in your email signature can boost your sales &revenue.

by Chandra Bhushan | 6 Min Read

“The smartest people can write the worst emails and those of less intellect can write the best.” ― Paul Babicki

Email !! What is it?

Do we really need a description about it?

Well frankly speaking, I write good number of emails each day and some of them are pretty horrendous. Closely looking, is it because of exiguous knowledge of email writing? Discernibly Yes !!! Being a part of corporate world, Irrefutably one has to understand momentousness and the gravity of email.

With the humongous spread of Internet in current century, its just a matter of time every individual on this sphere are connected by means of Electronic mail. It has become a great platform to promote your ideas to your customers just on a click of a button. Besides, some points worth noting about emails are rapid and constant communications, inexpensive, conversion, segmentation and significant outputs.

Question: How organization should reach out to customer during onboarding process through email ??

Lets start with a quote “Amen is like the Send button on an email.” Isn’t it? So inital tip would be before reaching out to customers analyze your idea innumerable times.
Lets roll down through some points that would give a vivid notion about how can we reach our customers:

  • Make your targets visible either by featuring them in you blogs or by any means through which you can gain pretty good amount of attraction of customers. This can help you approach an unachievable targets.
  • As a marketing strategy, offer unique terms to your customer.
  • Explain your customers about how your service is what they actually want.
  • Inform your contacts about how you came to know about them, in order to make them feel more secure about you.
  • Show future profits and credibility to customers through your plans.
  • Show them the flexibility you are offering to your customers.

Lets demonstrate this by a small example.

Traditional Email:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for using product Acme.

Acme offers you great way to stream line your product, workflow and many more.

Please feel free to reach out to me for product demo or for any suggestions/query.

John Mill
Customer Service Lead
Acme Inc

Problem in above email is that, We are not offering flexibility to user for what time he wants to schedule demo upfront. Along with that for differing timezones, Support Engineers may not be available . This would require extra follow up email to agree on a particular time for demo of your own product.

Now ammending above email:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for using product Acme.

Acme offers you great way to stream line your product, workflow and many more.

Please feel free to reach and schedule 1-2-1 call based on your convenient/availibility for product demo.

John Mill
Customer Service Lead
Acme Inc

In above email, we are giving flexibility to user to schedule 1-2-1 call whenever the customer wants based on customer support engineer time availibility (Here we have linked canUmeet availability page just for demo) Resulting, it will save extra email followup.Our intention of stating these points are, even if email is an old art but still it is a vital one. Besides,there are plenty of ways to reach customers who are unreachable, but you can expand your reach with help of these points.

You can link schedule 1-2-1 text with your canUmeet availability link.

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