New way to manage and schedule appointments with Professor/Faculty.

by Chandra Bhushan | 5 Min Read

Lost time is never found again. -Benjamin Franklin

Online scheduling?? What is it ??

Say an establishment that offer appointment scheduling online on a single go. “WOW” 😮. Getting more into dogmas, A platform which takes just a few clicks and someone’s appointment could be made online like a woosh, making things totally effortless.

Seems easy as pie isn’ it ?? 😉

On a rough scale, more than 10 million students are expected to attend Colleges and Universities each year. Managing such a gigantic amount has always been a real challenge for each Universities and Colleges all over the world. As services such as Slack, Google, Dropbox etc. have charged the economy and contented high in terms of customer experience, Institution wants a technology-savvy academic environment where they have easy access to professors and their establishment services anytime and anywhere.

canUmeet - Appointment/Meetings scheduling platform will help you do so, all in a single click. Students can now easily schedule appointments with their academic advisors or professors. If students want to meet with a professor, schedule an appointment from their mobile or computer is totally appropriate. It also provides a block to see if the desired professor has availability. Same things go for professors, they can see which student has an appointment now clearly specifying the appointment purpose.

Adding convenience, features of canUmeet
gives any individual access to your office hours from web, mobile device and also through email. Universities and Colleges will also have full control over the times offered to students and the appointment types. You can even link your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar and iCal with your appointment scheduling account. Doing so, universities wont have to constantly send reminders about the meeting. canUmeet does this automation and customization for you and your students.

Let’s discover how it works ?

Step 1. Set your availability : Set your office hours time. You can customize the form that Students will fill out when they want to schedule a meeting with you. You can also customize notifications, reminder, email and more.


Step 2. Share your availability : Let your student schedule time with you from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Just share your personal, customized availability page url via email, or private sharing, with just one tap.


Step 3. Now students can select a time that works for them based on Professor availability, After scheduling meeting student and faculty will get confirmation email, Now Professor/Faculty have control to reschedule or cancel meeting in case of some urgency and same for student.

  • Availability Page

  • Available Slots

  • Meeting Confirmation

Step 4. See all the schedule meetings and manage the meetings with simple user interface.


Bonous Feature: Professor/Faculty even view detailed analysis of events and your all meetings.


All basic features of canUmeet are free so I think It’s worth trying out! Start for free now !!

We are excited to hear from you about this feature and how you simplified your workflow with this new product. If you need help, please feel free to contact us or raise a Schedule 1-2-1 Call from us canUmeet team will feel happy to help you 😉

Start for free!.

Now manage your availability, be in sync with your calendars,
and share your events, all in just few clicks using this scheduling platform.
canUmeet has been designed such that users can easily view appointments,
send reminders/notifications in few clicks.

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