Introducing canUmeet Widget Integration with UnifiedVU Platform.

by Claudia | 4 Min Read

Let’s begin with answering a simple question. If you are running your online business (equally applies to offline businesses) then may be you are using software such as Mailchimp, Xero, Zendesk, Pipedrive, CapsuleCRM and more. So are you able to visualize and connect contextual relationships among data which is distributed across various software you are using ?

Your answer may be probably No! Isn’t It?

Now Let’s consider a small use-case, You have thousand of contacts and subscribers in your CapsuleCRM and Mailchimp list, Now you want to reach out to some of your customers from your contacts/subscriber list to inform about the new product or service you just launched, then what will you do?

Here is possible solution which you may follow:

  • You will write an email.
  • You may give a phone call.

After following above steps you may not able to reach out to customer because It’s not necessary he may be available to connect.

So what will you do ?

Before describing possible solutions let me brief you about UnifiedVU Platform

UnifiedVU Platform displays live data and functionality from sales, marketing, finance and support software, and allow you to take action, all from one simple screen.


Coming back to solutions:

canUmeet build an App for UnifiedVU and with the help of canUmeet App you can schedule appointments with your customers and suppliers. Just select the contact from your Contacts App (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, CapsuleCRM and more) or Mailchimp App and immediately see availability of the person you are trying to connect on the adjacent CanUmeet App. Select the time slot, click a button to book the time. Booking will be added to both parties’ calendars. Isn’t that easy ? 😉 Thanks to UnifiedVU Founder Manoj Ranaweera for such a time saver concept.

To using canUmeet App on UnifiedVU platform you should have UnifiedVU account as well as your customer should have canUmeet account.

Want to know more about UnifiedVU ?

Schedule 1-2-1 call with UnifiedVU founder Talk with Manoj Ranaweera. If you don’t have an UnifiedVU account, please request a trial account from Manoj Ranaweera.

canUmeet is Fast growing, Free Appointments/Meetings Scheduling Platform which provide 3 click solutions for Human to schedule meeting with organizer.


We are excited to hear from you about this integration and how you simplified your workflow with this new integration on UnifiedVU platform. If you need help, please feel free to contact us or raise a 1–1 support from us here canUmeet team will feel happy to help you 😉

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