How scheduling one-to-one demos can help your newly launched product.

by Chandra Bhushan | 3 Min Read

In this world of rapid-development, while you thinking your idea there would be three others already developing it, and five others who have already launched a beta version of the product. No matter how easy to use your product is, If you don’t get customers to use it, it’s useless.

In our short experience we have realized that nothing can beat in acquiring customers than a one-to-one demo with customer directly. With canUmeet, once every few days we have someone asking for a product demo and once we demonstrate our product over a shared screen our guests always stick around and understand the product. A lot of times our conversations end with the guest feeling very happy about the demonstration and even if they don’t end up using it, we receive great feedback which determines the future path of our product.

So how canUmeet appointment/scheduling embed widget helping startup and website owner to get more product demo.

We have created very simple solutions for embed canUmeet scheduling widget in your website. It will take only 1 minute to setup canUmeet embed widget on your website and after that you will see the difference in your sales/user growth and your confidence for your product. It’s almost free to use so I think it’s worth trying isn’t It.

Step 1. Signup on canUmeet platform here , if you have already account then you can skip this step.

Step 2. Navigate to Create Event section and Create an Event Let say Product Demo.


Step 3. Get Embed code for event which you have created.


Step 4. Copy & Paste embed code in your website and you are done.


So Now How user will schedule meeting who wants product demo of your newly launched product ? It’s all about 3 Click Let me show you how ? 😉


We are excited to hear from you about this feature and how you attracted more customer for your product with this new feature. If you need help, please feel free to contact us or raise a 1–1 support from us here canUmeet team will feel happy to help you 😉

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