Online Appointment Scheduling software for ENTERPRISES

by Chandra Bhushan | 4 Min Read

An online meeting scheduler makes appointment booking online a lot easier. It lowers the threshold for customers to go from click to brick and provides a professional tool for enterprises to schedule appointments online fast and efficiently. Isn’t that what we all want? 😉

Gain customer insights

In complex industries that have a wide service network with a wide variety of services and products, it is hard to keep an overview of all key customer interactions. Using canumeet online booking software allows you to track these interactions throughout the customer journey, and helps you enrich your customer journey with real face-to-face interactions.

Increase conversion

Offering an online meeting planner can raise your conversion rate up to 5 times compared to plain old webforms: customers can schedule an appointment, while being guaranteed to meet the right person, who will actually have the time to pay attention to the client.

Increase customer satisfaction

Today’s empowered customer wants to be able to connect when and where they want. With the canumeet scheduling tool, your service acquisition is available 24/7, which shows professionalism and openness towards the clients. There is a constant opportunity for feedback and it creates an extra customer experience.

Increase efficiency & productivity

Scheduling meetings with customers can be very time consuming and they don’t earn you any profit. A scheduling tool that can be fully automated and focuses on service quality not only increases efficiency, but also creates more time to spend on tasks that can add more value to both the company and the customer .

Discover how it works

  • Set your availability : Set your meeting/service offering time.You can customize the form that users will fill out when they want to schedule a meeting with you. You can also customize notifications, payment options, and more.


  • Share your availability : Let your client/customer schedule time with you from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Just share your personal, customized schedule page url via email, social sharing, or private sharing, with just one tap.


The user can select a time that works for them in their timezone. After confirmation of the selected time, the user will have the option to add the meeting date in their calendar.


  • Manage your entire schedule: Manage your schedule in a hassle-free way, without much effort, using the timeline or calendar view.


  • Analyze your schedule and page : view detailed analysis of events and your meeting page.


We are excited to hear from you about this product and how you automated your workflow with this new app. If you need help, please feel free to contact us or raise a 1–1 support from us here canUmeet team will feel happy to help you 😉

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