canUmeet Integration with Mailchimp.

by Claudia | 2 Min Read

We are continuously striving to make canUmeet more intuitive to use with other ecosystem and make canUmeet more powerful for you to adopt canUmeet in your use case scenario.

Mailchip + canUmeet

With MailChimp, you can easily add your clients/customers details in your subscriber/lead-generation/more list to sent invitation later point of time. With this integration you can typically do following things from canUmeet platform.

Some example:

  • Creating a lead in your MailChimp
  • Adding an invitee to an email campaign list
  • Send event/news/update to your invitee

……and many more things.


It’s Free So I think It worth trying Isn’t It 😉, Let’s connect then canUmeet + Mailchimp

We are excited to hear from you about this integration and how you simplified your workflow with this new integration. If you need help, please feel free to contact us or raise a 1–1 support from us here canUmeet team will feel happy to help you 😉

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